Interaction with frontend

The frontend is the part of a website or application that interacts with the user. This can be the GUI (graphical user interface) of an application or the webpage sent to the client’s browser (the client, in this case being the PC of a user browsing the website) when a link is clicked.

The backend is the hidden part not shown to the user, which processes the user’s input (mainly on the server of a website, inside an application, or increasingly within the client’s browser).

Based on the type of interaction needed, a website can be static, meaning you load a webpage, get the output, and nothing else happens until you perform your next action. Alternatively, the website can be dynamic and continuously process your data.

If the client communicates with a backend on the server, there are two main types of interactions
  • Server rendered apps: Data is posted, like in a web form or with parameters in a link, and the server sends back an HTML page
  • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML): Based on the need of the current website, data is sent to the server, and the server gives back an XML or JSON formatted response