Category: General

  • Post id and page id recognition

    Sometimes you need to have the page id or post id, if you want to configure the exclusion of these entries on other plugins or you simply want to have a reference. To do that, you can use the following simple plugin:

  • Chatbot added

    To facilitate searching and finding information on our pages, we have setup a chatbot – enjoy! The chatbot is currently not connected to any special AI source (meaning your entered text is not communicating to other sources than the server of our webpage). Please be a little bit patient, while we connect this bot to…

  • The very first post

    This is the very first post for OXK – Opensource Xref knowledge. System and Features are being enhanced now, to broadcast refreshing opensource and webdevelopment knowledge in fediverse. Join my project on with your Mastodon or fediverse environment.

  • We say hello again

    to the first followers…